Soup, Salad & Bakery


Dear Zoopa Community,

It is with sadness that we announce the final closing of Zoopa. In the 18 months since we took over Zoopa we have made significant progress and learned more than we knew we needed to. But, the landlord has other plans. Restaurants are a risk for landlords and one they are not willing to shoulder given the looming threat of forced wage increases which render restaurants unprofitable. The new tenants will bring security and long term income to the landlord and the overall productivity that they want to see for the location. The space will be gutted in the coming weeks to allow those new tenants to move in. We were not given sufficient notice to find a new location and so are unfortunately forced to close.

Success for us has been the opportunity to meet and serve you. Our heart's desire has been to provide a unique place for people to eat real food at reasonable prices. We hope you enjoyed it and we are honored that we got to carry the Zoopa torch that so many of us who grew up in the South End knew and loved.

Thank you for making it possible and for being part of the Zoopa community. We are also enormously grateful to all those working behind the scenes, preparing and cheerfully serving at Zoopa Organic. The team has worked tirelessly to serve the community and they should be commended for it.

In the future we will be opening another location under a different brand name, but with the same healthy vision that Zoopa had. Please submit your information below to make sure we let you know when we have more firm plans for this exciting project.

Best regards,

Zoopa Owners